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Has Dairy Been Weighing You Down?

Posted by on in Nutrition
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I don't  think there is one person on this planet who would argue that tobacco is an addictive substance. That’s a no-brainer.



But what would you think if I told you some of your favorite foods might be just as addictive? In my 20 year career taking care of women, I have seen a lot of addictive behaviors particularly when it comes to food.


And one food that seems to be especially addictive is cheese.


Cheese…. It was a part of my life since I was a kid. Being raised in a Catholic Italian family, every Friday night my mom would make; baked ziti, ravioli, lasagna, stuffed shells or manicotti for dinner. And that cheese tradition continued into my adulthood.


Years later while studying nutrition; I learned that all dairy products contained morphine like substances called casomorphin. Yup, you heard it right.


Since 1970, Americans have tripled their consumption of cheese from 8 pounds per person to a whopping 35 pounds a year and here is the reason.


Cheese is a highly concentrated form of dairy that has an added kick; casein. Casein, the protein found in cheese breaks apart during digestion to release a whole host of opiates called casomorphin.


Multiple studies have shown that casomorphin is just as addictive as morphine but to a much lesser degree. I guess that is why some of my clients “can’t live without it”. It binds to the opoid receptors in your brain which are involved in controlling pain, reward and addiction.


Knowing this, is it any wonder why pizza came out on top of the most addictive foods list.


Check this out; it takes 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese and casein is the substance that coagulates the solid milk fats and separates them from the liquids- also known as whey.


Some scientists go so far as to describe cheese as “dairy crack”, because the more casein in a food, the more casomorphins.


For decades cheese has been linked to heart disease, digestive disorders, gas, bloating, weight gain and constipation. But there are many who would debate that statement.


So, do you really think dairy does a body good?



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