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The following health & fitness tips are extracted from Fit Facts published by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a leading authority on exercise. ACE's mission is the promotion of active, healthy lifestyles and their positive effects on the mind, body and spirit. We hope you enjoy reading ACE's health & fitness tips. If after reading any of the Fit Facts, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


  1. Cardiovascular Exercise
  2. Choosing Fitness Trainers and Instructors
  3. Exercising with Health Challenges
  4. Flexibility
  5. General Exercise
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Nutrition
  8. Sports/Outdoor Activities
  9. Strength/Resistance Training
  10. Supplements
  11. Weight
  12. Youth

Cardiovascular Exercise

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Monitoring Exercise Intensity Using Heart Rate
Step-Bench Training for Fitness and Fun
Ready to Run?
Kick Your Way to Fitness
Cross Training For Fun and Fitness
Slide Into Fitness
Jumping Rope: Not Just For Kids Anymore
Get Into the Swim of Things
Monitoring Exercise Intensity Using Perceived Exertion
Monitoring Exercise Intensity Using Heart Rate
Spin It: What You Need to Know About Group Indoor Cycling
A Walk a Day
Interval Training
Step Reebok Guidelines

Choosing Trainers and Instructors

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How to Choose an Online Personal Trainer
How To Choose The Right Personal Trainer
Reap The Rewards of Personal Training
How To Choose The Right Group Fitness Instructor
How to Choose a Health Club
How to Choose an Exercise Video
How to Design Your Own Home Gym

Exercising with Health Challenges

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Exercise And Menopause
Exercising With a Health Challenge
Exercising With Heart Disease
Three Things Every Exercise Program Should Have
Work Out Chronic Fatigue
Exercise and Pregnancy
Prevent Osteoporosis Now
Exercise And Type II Diabetes
Managing Cholesterol with Exercise
Exercise And Type I Diabetes
Periodized Training - And Why It's Important
Exercise and Asthma
Protecting Your Back At Work
Exercise And Arthritis
Active Seniors Enjoy Life More
Understanding Sciatica
Exercise and Hypertension
Exercise for Individuals with Eye Impairments
Post-Partum Health
Exercise and Fibromyalgia
Starting a Stroke Recovery Fitness Program
AIDS and Exercise


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Flexible Benefits

General Exercise

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Warm Up to Work Out
Don't Deprive Yourself of the Rewards of Exercise
Three Things Every Exercise Program Should Have
If You Don't Use It, Will You Lose It?
I Need More Energy!
Making Time For Exercise Is Easy
Battling Boredom
Can Exercise Reduce Your Risk of Catching a Cold?
Exercising In The Cold
Periodized Training - And Why It's Important
Is Yoga for You?
Yoga at a Glance
Too Much Of A Good Thing
Exercise and Cellulite
The Right Exercise Program For You Starts Here
Everything in Moderation
Studies Show Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life
Don't Be a Sore Loser
The Best Time to Exercise
Exercise Can Help Control Stress


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Pump Fiction
Sneaker Savvy
What You Need to Know to Purchase a Treadmill
How to Prevent and Treat ACL Injuries
Travel Fitness: A Plan of Action to Keep You Active
Healthy Resolutions For The Whole Year
How to Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis on Long Plane Flights
Before You Start an Exercise Program


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Scaling the New Pyramid
Healthy Hydration
Eat Well to Stay Motivated and Energized
Vegetarianism and Athletes

Sports/Outdoor Activities  

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After the Marathon
Summer Skin
Training to Run Your First 5k
Diggin' in the Dirt
Smooth Skating
Gearing Up For Golf
Bike + Mountains = Excitement And Challenge
Get Ready To Hit The Slopes
Take Your Workout Off The Beaten Path
Beat The Heat Before It Beats You

Strength/Resistance Training

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Free Weights vs. Strength-Training Equipment
Strength Training 101
Pilates Primer
Resistance Tubing Workout
Plyometrics: Controlled Impact/Maximum Power
Steering Clear of Strength Plateaus
Too Much Of A Good Thing
Strengthen Your Abdominals with Stability Balls
How Women Build Muscle


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Creatine Creates a Sensation
The Truth About Steroids
Test Your Supplement Savvy
Supplements: Too Much of a Good Thing?



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Weight Loss Plateaus and Pitfalls
Calorie Burners: Activities That Turn Up the Heat
Successful Weight Control
So, You Want To Spot Reduce? Here's How
America Needs An Attitude Adjustment
Putting on the Pounds
Exercise and Cellulite



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Strength Training for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
Teens, Fitness and You
Kids In Motion
Parents, Eat Your Words!
Children and Running
The Top Ten Fun Fitness Summer Activities for Kids

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