Are You a Self Conscious Newbie?

Newcomers to a fitness regimen may find themselves a bit overwhelmed by the dozens of experienced “veterans” moving from machine to machine with what seems like studied indifference. In many cases, the reason for starting a routine in the first place may be because of a realization that they were badly out of shape in stark contrast to those around them. It’s important to understand that most experienced fitness enthusiasts are very focused on their own journey. If they do make occasional glances, they are more likely to reflect briefly on their early days and quietly wish you success. If you find yourself feeling self conscious, remember that everyone is there for the same reasons – to improve their health and lives. Ask a trainer for some tips and know that your confidence will rise quickly with each visit as you learn more skills and the benefits of your new routine start paying off.

 “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” 

~Robert Louis Stevenson

Don’t Overlook Opposing Muscle Groups

Many of us have “favorite” exercises, often because that’s what we’re good at or are used to – and we tend to skip over exercises that we find boring, difficult or uncomfortable. It’s understandable that this should be so, but opposing muscle groups work together and should be balanced in terms of strength and flexibility in order to prevent injury and to work efficiently. Runner’s knee and some back problems are just a few of many conditions that can be caused by muscle imbalance so be careful to choose exercises that strengthen opposing muscle groups.

Variety Beats Regularity

Not every workout is fun and sometimes we do need to call on self-discipline, especially if we’re feeling tired or just having a low energy day. It helps to vary workouts to keep them interesting. The effectiveness of a program increases as the challenge to your body increases, and if we are frequently bored it may very well diminish the benefits of the exercise. Be consistent for long enough to meet your target - but also recognize that as your body eventually adapts to regularity, your routine will become less effective. Consult a trainer on when to vary your routine. If you’re using machines, you may be advised to try free weights for a while. You’ll notice a difference mentally and physically.

 “If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” ~Jack Dixon

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