quote I am so glad that I made the choice to become a member at.Fitness Concepts. I enjoy the atmosphere, staff, trainers, and most of all I LOVE the Cross Fit classes that are offered. The trainers make it challenging but also fun at the same time. I especially love the "Death by Burpees" workout. Without the support I don’t feel that I would have been able to lose the 61 pounds that I have lost since I became a member in August 2010. I am getting closer to my goal each day and because of the support, this is the longest I have ever stayed with a gym or fitness center and cannot imagine going anywhere else!”
~ Casey Gannon
Greenville H.S. Varsity Softball Coach


quote I loved Sh’Bam. I loved the music and the moves. I was surprised that it was such a rigorous workout for every part of my body and yet so much fun! The instructor, Kim, had everything to do with my enjoyment of the class. She was professional, talented, enthusiastic, and well prepared. Even the outfit she wore and lighting of the room helped create just the right mood. Her smile and encouragement motivated us to feel confident about our ability to do each routine. At the end of class I felt invigorated and remember thinking that I hadn’t had this much fun in years! I look forward to the next class."
Donna Howell


quote Body Combat is a high energy aerobic class that offers a great cardio workout while conditioning the entire body. I enjoy it so much because not only am I toning my muscles but I’m strengthening my spirit. It’s an outlet where the troubles and stresses of the day can be released by throwing powerful punches and killer kicks. For me it’s not just a workout; it’s therapy! Thanks!"
Terry Bennett


quote I thought I was doing a pretty good job working out on my own, but then the weight just wouldn’t come off”. Then I joined Fitness Concepts and took a few Body Pump classes and all I can say is “RESULTS, RESULTS; RESULTS”. I’ve lost 18 pounds and look and feel better than ever!"
Casey Gannon


quote  It hasn't been a year since I've joined Fitness Concepts and I've almost reached my short term fitness goals. I'm 62 years old and have lost 15lbs of fat and 3 inches from my waistline. My clothes fit better than they have in years and I don't have to hold my breath when I'm putting on my jeans. The classes and the staff are what keep me coming back everyday. I'm hooked ! Mara Lehman






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