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Posted by on in Health & Fitness

Last week while I was in Florida I took my mom to the doctor’s office for her annual checkup. While we were sitting in the waiting room, I couldn’t help but notice an older gentleman who was in pretty rough shape.


He was all by himself, which I thought was strange considering the shape he was in.


When the nurse called his name, he slowly stood up and that’s when I noticed how the poor old guy was bent over from the waist and his legs were so wobbly that when he walked he almost fell over.


Several minutes later, the door to the doctor’s office opened and old man stepped through the door. Now it was my turn to fall over. He was standing taller, his walk was strong and he had a huge smile on his face.


I couldn’t believe this was the same man I saw slumped over in a chair a few minutes ago. I was amazed at what I saw and I had to know what the doctor had done to achieve this transformation.


So I jumped out of my chair, grabbed his arm and asked him “what did the doctor do”?


The old guy just smiled and said “He looked me over, analyzed the situation and gave me a cane.”


I love that old story because the truth is that there will be times when you need help to assess a situation and point you towards a solution.


Here's my point; no one does it alone, we all need a support system in place that we can depend on.


Making change is hard for everyone, but when you have a network of people in your life, who have “been there and done that” it makes those changes seem a little easier.


Do you have a support system in your life?


Having people who support me gives me the courage to get back up and try again.


Do you have somebody in your corner that will pick you up when things get rough; someone who will remind you how strong you really are?


We're inundated with so much negativity these days. We ALL need someone to encourage us to keep going.


Remember, no matter what you are going through at the moment you will get through it.


Look, if you're struggling, I've been there-and I can tell you first hand that it'll get better if you are persistent and keep on trying.


Never give up.


I believe in you. Do you believe in yourself?

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Posted by on in Health & Fitness


Do you have someone in your life that absolutely glows with vibrant health and boundless energy? She has the perfect body, smile, skin and hair to match.


I like to call her “Ms. Glow It All” because she eats a very specific diet and swears by its benefits. She convinces you and anybody else who will listen to try it, but after a few weeks, you’re anything but glowing. In fact, you feel lethargic, cranky, have more cravings than ever and have even gained a few pounds.


You just chalk it up to the fact that your friend has a faster metabolism and that you simply lack the willpower. But nothing could be further from the truth, because what works for your friend could have no affect on another friend and make you worse. This is what’s known as your metabolic type.


For example, I am a protein type which means my body does well on high amounts of protein and someone else might be a carb type and another a mixed type.


And that’s the problem with most diets; they fail to address the unique, nutritional needs of the individual. For example, a former Weight Watchers CFO explained the reason the business was successful was because the majority of customers regained the weight they lost.

Commercial diets fail to meet the unique nutritional requirements your body needs. Knowing what those needs are, determines whether or not you will be successful at losing weight and keeping it off, or not.


Your body knows what to eat; it’s the brain that gets caught up in all the dietary dogma, silencing the internal voice you were born with.

Are you willing to listen to your body’s desperate cries for help or are you going to reach for the next quick fix solution?



If you’d like a FREE copy of my new book, Stop Dieting, Start Getting Healthy, go to my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/maryschoepe180 and private message me.

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Posted by on in Uncategorized

We’ve all seen her.


The woman who struts effortlessly down the sidewalk, her head held high with confidence. Her hair is glistening, skin is flawless, outfit is stunning and she radiates energy with every step.


And you say under your breath, “Lucky little ......” Wouldn’t it be nice to feel THAT good about your body that you turn heads?


You’re going to hate me for saying this, but changing your body isn’t as hard as you think. True, while there are many things involved, there is just ONE skill that every woman must get really good at in order to be successful.


TRUTH: How you feel in your body affects EVERY aspect of your life. But there’s a language that every woman needs to learn in order to really succeed at it.

It’s called (prepare yourself) … mindset.


It is the MOST POWERFUL tool you have when it comes to kissing the mid-life flab goodbye.


If you’re stressed out or worried, the impact on your health is immediate—and the hormonal imbalances created are the same imbalances that make you crave certain foods and you know what that ultimately leads to.


The hard truth is that a chronically negative MINDSET can be more toxic to your health than fast food, ice cream, or any junk food you can imagine.

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Posted by on in Nutrition

I don't  think there is one person on this planet who would argue that tobacco is an addictive substance. That’s a no-brainer.



But what would you think if I told you some of your favorite foods might be just as addictive? In my 20 year career taking care of women, I have seen a lot of addictive behaviors particularly when it comes to food.


And one food that seems to be especially addictive is cheese.


Cheese…. It was a part of my life since I was a kid. Being raised in a Catholic Italian family, every Friday night my mom would make; baked ziti, ravioli, lasagna, stuffed shells or manicotti for dinner. And that cheese tradition continued into my adulthood.


Years later while studying nutrition; I learned that all dairy products contained morphine like substances called casomorphin. Yup, you heard it right.


Since 1970, Americans have tripled their consumption of cheese from 8 pounds per person to a whopping 35 pounds a year and here is the reason.


Cheese is a highly concentrated form of dairy that has an added kick; casein. Casein, the protein found in cheese breaks apart during digestion to release a whole host of opiates called casomorphin.


Multiple studies have shown that casomorphin is just as addictive as morphine but to a much lesser degree. I guess that is why some of my clients “can’t live without it”. It binds to the opoid receptors in your brain which are involved in controlling pain, reward and addiction.


Knowing this, is it any wonder why pizza came out on top of the most addictive foods list.


Check this out; it takes 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese and casein is the substance that coagulates the solid milk fats and separates them from the liquids- also known as whey.


Some scientists go so far as to describe cheese as “dairy crack”, because the more casein in a food, the more casomorphins.


For decades cheese has been linked to heart disease, digestive disorders, gas, bloating, weight gain and constipation. But there are many who would debate that statement.


So, do you really think dairy does a body good?

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Posted by on in Nutrition


I have always been the kind of person who likes to break rules and this is one of my favorite rules to break; eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day to burn fat and speed up your metabolism.


There was a time when I blindly followed the “grazing” strategy and it worked for a while –until it stopped working and I started gaining weight.


So if eating mini meals is supposed to speed up your metabolism and burn fat, why are we more overweight than ever?


I want to share with you the dangers of eating 5-6 mini meals and the benefits of eating 3 squares a day.


Stored fat is the body’s “steady, gets you through the day” and your brain’s preferred fuel source; it is like a slow burning log in the fireplace. On the other hand, sugar and carbohydrates are more like paper being thrown on the fire; you get a quick rush of energy and then the next thing you know, you hit the crash line.


But when you “graze” throughout the day, your body uses sugar for fuel instead of stored fat. When I talk about sugar, I am referring to carbohydrates like the healthy snack bar, yogurt, cookie or bag of chips you just ate.


Think about this; why should your body dig into stored fat for fuel, when it gets express meals delivered every 3 hours? Not to mention that when you are constantly “grazing” your insulin (a fat storing and hunger hormone) levels go up 6 times a day rather than only 3 times a day.


Experts tell us that grazing;


Speeds up your metabolism

Helps you lose weight

Keeps your blood sugar level

It keeps cravings at bay


Unfortunately, there is no evidence supporting their claims. In 2002, the New York Academy of Sciences published a report stating that all-day grazing can put you at risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.



But there is plenty of evidence to support eating 3 squares a day. A 2 month study published in the book “The 3-Season Diet 2000” by John Douillard, found that people who retrained their bodies to burn stored fat by eating 3 meals a day lost an average of 1.2 pounds a week.


They also had:


  • Increased energy levels
  • Clarity of thought
  • Better sleep
  • No more cravings


Eating 3 meals a day might sound hard, but according to celebrity nutritionist JJVirgin PhD, “three meals a day is making a comeback as a weight loss strategy. Start by eating your first meal within one hour of getting up and the last meal within three hours before bed.”


I believe that snacking is just another way for BIG FOOD to make more money off the American public. It's time to start listening to your body's unique nutritional needs and not what so called experts tell you.

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